Prepaway – Your Journey to Being Cisco CCNP Collaboration Certified Made Easier: Tips for Passing 300-075 Exam

Cisco’s certification program is popular for its ability to accommodate all levels of IT expertise. New IT professionals can launch their career in a smart way by attaining an entry level certification. They can then advance further to attaining higher credentials at the associate, professional and expert levels. As professionals move higher through the certification levels, they gradually advance their skills. By the time they reach the top level certifications, they will be established experts.

Each Cisco certification level offers credentials that follow certain paths which build on each other and thus allowing you to grow. These paths are Cloud, Cybersecurity, Collaboration, Data Center, Industrial, Design, Routing and Switching, Wireless, Service Provider and Security. This paper highlights the Collaboration path at the professional level (CCNP Collaboration).

The CCNP Collaboration certification targets professionals who are interested in developing advanced skills to design, deploy, configure and troubleshoot unified communications and Cisco collaboration applications, networks and devices. Candidates are required to have a valid CCNA Collaboration credential or any CCIE/CCDE certification as prerequisites for this credential.

Exams that Lead to CCNP Collaboration Credential

300-070 CIPTV1

300-075 CIPTV2

300-080 CTCOLLAB

300-085 CAPPS

Note that candidates who use the CCIE or CCDE certifications as prerequisites will only be required to pass 300-075 CIPTV2 exam. Further details about this exam are discussed below.

300-075 CIPTV2 Exam Details

This exam is delivered only in the English language and has a duration of 75 minutes. It contains about 50-60 questions that test a candidate’s ability to implement a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution in a distributed environment.

Exam Topics

300-075 CIPTV2 exam covers the areas listed below. The percentages indicate their weights.

  1. VCS Control (17%)
  • Configuring the registration of devices
  • Describing VCS zone plans
  • Exploring endpoint VCS searches
  • Integration LDAP
  • Description of replication and clustering
  • Configuration of trunking
  1. Collaboration Edge (12%)
  • Configuring the requirements for deployment of collaboration edge
  • Documenting requirements for NAT and firewall configuration
  • Implementing privacy and security for calls and external devices
  • Describing traversal call elements


  • Configure CUCM Video Service Parameters (9%)
  • Configuring DSCP
  • Configuration of QoS


  1. Implementing Centralized Call Processing Redundancy (10%)
  • Description of failover in devices
  • Configuring survivability of calls
  • Verification of redundancy operations


  1. Describing and Configuring a Multi-site Dial Plan (17%)
  • Describing issues in multi-site dial plans
  • Implementation of trunks to VCS
  • Implementation of numbering plans for multi-site topologies


  1. Implementing Call Control Discovery (14%)
  • Configuring Service Advertisement Framework Forwarder
  • Configuring URI calling
  • Configuring an ILS network
  • Configuring a Global Dial Plan Replication


  • Implementing Mobility Features on Videos (9%)
  • Configuring device mobility and extension mobility
  • Configuring unified mobility


Exam Questions

Multiple-choice (single answer and multiple answer) questions

Multiple choice questions provide you with options from where you should select the correct answer(s). For single answer multiple choice questions, only one option should be selected. On the other hand, multiple answer multiple choice questions require more than one answer as stated by the question.

Drag and drop

It contains an options area and a dropping zone. When you choose an option you should drag it using your mouse to a correct drop zone. The number of options and drop zones may vary and you may not necessarily use up all of them.

Filling the blank

This involves typing a required answer into a text box. There is no emphasis on a case unless the required answer is a case sensitive command.


This question provides a description of a scenario in the upper pane of the display window. You will then use this information to answer the multiple choice (single answer or multiple answer) questions in the lower pane.


In simulation the main window shows the network configuration. In this window, you can open the radar interface of a host and complete the task from there. On the top window, the problem statement that specifies the task for you is outlined. And finally, there is a navigation window on the left that helps you move through the entire task.


In simlet you will find numbered questions in the top area. You can move to a question you want to answer by clicking on its number. A navigation window that helps you navigate through the task is also available on the left. There is then the main window that shows the network topology. When you click in a host with a dotted line attached to it, its radar interface will open. You will then solve the task in the radar interface.

Exam Preparation Tips

Cisco offers support to your certification journey by providing a number of preparation materials and methods. For self-learning, relevant ebooks are provided. There is also the Cisco Press that allows you to access published preparation materials.

An option for instructor-led training is also available. This option enables you to enroll for a classroom or online program. You will then be assigned a qualified instructor to take you through the relevant course.

Apart from the methods outlined above, another effective way to prepare for this exam is by using exam dumps. These are specially compiled exam questions and answers that help you to quickly get ready for your exam. There are a number of sources from where you can obtain these dumps. One of them is PrepAway. On PrepAway website you will be sure to obtain the most valid dumps, as the files are uploaded by the real exam takers. If you opt for the Premium Bundle, you’ll get the exam questions and answers checked by IT experts. Along with this .ete file, you’ll receive a study guide. The bundle will cost you $17.99, while the rest files available on PrepAway are free to download.

Final Remark

Passing your 300-075 exam has now been made easy by the tips given in this paper. When you especially use dumps from PrepAway, you will be sure to have an easy experience during the exam day. This is your easy shot to CCNP Collaboration certification… Take it!

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