Produce X 101 – Our Top 10 Hot Picks!

Produce X 101, Korea’s reality idol search program, is now at the homestretch of choosing 11 boys out of the original 101 trainees who will make a debut in the K-pop industry. If the National Producers can make the perfect combination, this upcoming boyband might surpass what WANNA ONE has achieved.

We watched the show from the start when each of the 101 boys did their audition and showcased their talent and charm. Here’s our favorite in order of ranking from 1 to 10 and the mysterious “X” who will get the 11th position.

1. Kim Yo Han

2. Kim Woo Seok

3. Kim Min Kyu

4. Cha Jun Ho

5. Han Seung Woo

6. Koo Jung Mo

7. Lee Han Gyul

8. Lee Jin Hyuk

9. Son Dong Pyo

10. Song Yu Vin

11. Nam Do Hyon

Images courtesy of Mnet

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