Produce X 101 – The Top 11 Trainees Who Will Debut as an Idol Group are…

After 101 days, Produce X 101 trimmed down the trainees from 101 to 11 who will debut as a brand new K-pop group on Friday, July 19, in Seoul, Korea.

The winners of this season in order of their performance rankings are:

1st Place – Kim Yo Han

2nd – Kim Woo Seok

3rd – Han Seung Woo

4th – Song Hyeong Jun

5th – Cho Seung Youn

6th – Song Dong Pyo

7th – Lee Han Gyul

8th – Nam Do Hyon

9th – Cha Jun Ho

10th – Kang Min Hee

X – Lee Eun Sang

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