How to Create a Modern Office Space

Should you ever be tasked with bringing an office space to life, it’s important that you do your best to keep everything about the design as modern as possible. If you don’t, the space will age quickly, the customer that enlisted your services won’t be happy, and your reputation as an architect who has their finger on the pulse of the latest trends will be in tatters. Seriously, nobody wants a work space that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1990s! 

When you are next tasked with creating a modern office space, be sure to put the advice laid out below into practice.


Keep the area open

Regardless of how much space you have to work with, you should always strive to keep the area open when designing a modern office. By introducing an open plan — even if it means knocking down walls and partitions, dismantling certain pieces of furniture, and/or rearranging the layout of the desks — you will offer the employees that will be using the space more room to collaborate. Collaboration is a key element in the business world of today, so you should seek to cultivate it as best you can.


Make use of contemporary furniture

The furniture that you choose to fill the space with will have a massive impact on just how modern the office looks and feels come the end of your project. If you’re not careful in this instance, you could end up investing in furniture that holds your office back from reaching its true contemporary potential.

To ensure that you only invest in furniture of the modern variety, you should do your shopping at Eclipse Furniture. There, you’ll find a whole host of contemporary collections, ranging from vintage scaffold tables to polypropylene chairs that come in a plethora of vibrant colors.


Make it eco-friendly

All of today’s best office spaces are eco-friendly, which is why you need to go green when designing your next project.

Single-use plastic is very much your enemy in this instance, which is why you need to implement something into your next office design that will stop the usage of bottled water completely. But what alternatives do you have in this instance? What else can you do to keep the employees that will be using the workspace hydrated throughout the duration of each working day? You can’t expect them to drink tap water, so you must have a water filtration system fitted instead.

Why not go one step further by investing in an ultrafiltration system? This kind of pressure-driven device blocks and suspends solids, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins, and pathogens, meaning the water that it produces is 100% safe to drink. What’s more, in order to produce water of the highest possible quality, it reduces silt destiny through the use of hydrostatic pressure. This forces the water through what is known as membrane filtration, which leaves the water not only healthy to consume but also tasting great.

The next time you are asked to bring a modern office space to life, make sure to remember all of the advice laid out above. If you do, you could end up doing your best architecture work yet!

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